We are so blessed to be connected to some incredible leaders, mentors and episcopal leaders of accountability in ministry and appreciate their support as we strive to walk out the vision that God has given to us here in the walk of dominion at Dominion Outreach Worship Center. Our leader serves in several different capacities throughout the body of Christ at large. 

As a Consecrated Bishop in the Lord's Church.

Dr. Raymond Johnson was consecrated by and is accountable to Bishop H. Eugene Bellinger of Cathedral of the Covenant Fellowship 

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As a Board Member of Hampton Roads Ecumenical Council of Bishops

As the Establishmentarian of Dominion Covenant Fellowship

Dr. Ray Johnson was asked by the episcopal assignee, Bishop Micheal B. Golden Jr. to serve, as the ecumenical leader for the VA 2nd Jurisdiction, to welcome and lead non COGIC Churches in fellowship with ” The Iconic” Virginia 2nd Jurisdiction. 

As a result of the success and Dr. Johnson’s academic acumen and pastoral leadership he is now serving as the Dean for Virginia Second Jurisdiction Education Committee and leading the Dominion District as Superintendent. 

His is responsible for training and developing the next generation of ministers, elders and pastors within the jurisdiction.